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Where did I go?

This blog has been shamefully dead for several months, despite my frequent promises of returning. Suffice to say, I believe I’ve disappointed many people, myself included.

The past year or so has been difficult for me. A down-turned economy means there’s┬álay-offs everywhere, and the few jobs in my field are seeing fierce competition. I started 2016 off unemployed. got a new job, and ended up having to quit after a few months due to the conditions there. While I was able to get another job straight away, I felt like I was back at the beginning, and that I would never get anywhere. That I had let everyone down.

My writing has suffered. I have not worked on anything personal in months. The inspiration I once received from the Steampunk community I was part of dried up after too many elitist encounters. The manuscript I had written no longer appealed to me. I started to make moves to improve it, but stopped somewhere along the way.

I’ve been living my depression in distractions. Finding ways to write that, while fun for me, are not working to further what I want from life. I just stopped trying.

But in recent months I’ve made a choice. I’ve taken steps to improve my mental health. And I feel they have worked. Slowly, my depression has alleviated. I feel more motivated to do things. I’m applying for more jobs, going out more.

But my writing is still lagging behind, this neglected blog being a testament to my own failure.

I can’t be a failed writer before I’ve even gotten started. If inspiration will not come, I will make it come. I will start here, returning twice a month with more writer’s thoughts and advice for my readers. I will return to my research, to create a more believable world for people to get lost in. I will look back to the things that had inspired me before and see if they can’t do it again.

Most importantly, I will stop hiding.

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Return from Hiatus

It has been a few months since I last wrote in this blog. I have not been away or injured or sick. My lack of updates is the result of a motivational downfall. Writing has started to seem like a chore recently, and my mind seeks to distract me from it at every turn.

It’s hardly an excuse, but it’s what has happened.

What brings on such a fugue of words? A great many factors, I think. There’s a recession where I am, and I am having difficulty getting a job. With mass lay-offs left and right, competition is rising in the job market. I’ve been looking for a full time job–a career–for over a year now, and my odds don’t seem to be improving.

I haven’t had much contact with fellow writers recently either. Normally, an afternoon spent talking out stories with my peers energized me to write. Our bi-monthly writer workshop gave me a goal to reach and have a new piece written by. But my friends have lives and events as well, so I have not seen many of them. My extroverted side is a bit starved for their companionship.

The last factor is probably a loss of inspiration. My mind doesn’t wander to scenes or dialogues when experiencing down time. Or it does, but not towards my own stories. I’ve been distracted lately, and. I think I need to spend some time watching the movies that inspire me, re-reading the books by authors I wish I could write like, or playing the games that give me ideas.

But does this mean I am not writing? Not at all! While nothing I’ve written recently has the potential for a mass market (or so it seems, who knows), I have been putting my fingers to the keyboard and devising plots and stories and characters. Most of the writing. I’ve been doing recently is reactive, and it’s given me better insight on how to get into a character’s head or assisted me in writing things I had never written before.
Perhaps this dry spell was a period of learning for me. But it has lasted long enough. I return to you now. Starting next week, I will be sharing new thoughts and observations and opinions.

I’ve missed you, readers. Let’s return to our discussion.

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