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The Writer’s Obligatory Post About Coffee

Where’s a good place to start a blog? Talking about stuff you like, I guess.

Here’s one for my fellow writers: Coffee.

I see your eyes lighting up. You know who you are.

I got my first job at a Starbucks shortly after I turned seventeen. At that time in my life, I hated coffee. It was gross, bitter brown water that burned your tongue and had a nasty aftertaste. I only took the job because they were the first place that called and as a teenager with no prior work experience, I couldn’t be picky.

My general dislike of coffee didn’t last. I was expected to try every item on the Starbucks menu at least once. I found I could stand half the amount of espresso in one of the sweeter lattes (I believe the Caramel Macchiato was my first favourite), and now six years later, I am hopelessly lost without a cup in the morning and about two more sometime in the afternoon.

Granted, I still need copious amounts of sugar and cream to make a Grande Americano palatable. And I’m not pounding back three or four of those a day.

But here’s something I’ve never understood: people who put honey in their coffee.

Now, everyone likes their coffee different. I like cream and sugar. My mom only takes cream. My best friend likes it black. I get that. And, honestly, I like honey. I would totally use honey instead of sugar. But is there a trick to it?

Every time I try to put honey in my coffee, I get no sweetness at the start and then a goopy puddle of overly sweet sludge at the end and I have to throw the rest of my drink out. Is there a trick to it? Do I have to put the honey in first, and then add the coffee? Am I not stirring this enough? Or do people really just enjoy sludgy all-natural sugar goop at the bottom of their cups?

It is a great puzzle for me. Until I figure it out, I’ll just stick to regular sugar.

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