Apologies to be Granted

There’s been utter silence on this blog for several months.

I would like to say that I’ve been busy. That work has kept me busy and that my writing is coming along steadily. But to say that would be a lie. I have scarcely written anything in months, not because I lack the time to write, because I have that in abundance. No, my motivation and inspiration have dwindled. Sitting at my desk and trying to type out words seems more a burden than a challenge. My love of steampunk is nearly gone.

And my job prospects are not too hot either.

I’m in a pit, so to speak, feeling like any efforts on my part go nowhere. It’s paid havoc on my writing in ways I can’t describe. And no matter how I claw, I can’t seem to get myself out.

Perhaps, I just need to sit back and reboot.

While I say I haven’t written anything in months, what I mean is my own stories have seen no progression. My ideas seem unable to stay in my head, nagging endlessly until I write them out. I have been writing, yes, but nothing I can really use for my own purposes. I’ve been using a different medium. Learning how to better delve into characters. Writing things that I’ve never written before, and getting a hang on it.

And I’m having fun with it! But I need to get my focus back. Even if it’s only for a couple hundred words a day.

This is the start.

There is little more I can do about my employment prospects beyond what I’m currently doing. But I can get back to creating. I can force myself to focus, for an hour or two a day, and get back to what I love.

And once a week, provide you with writerly insights and commentary.

Thank you, readers. Now let’s get started.

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