One Year (or so) Later

It occurred to me a few days ago that I have been steadily updating this blog for an entire year. Upon further inspection, my archive tells me that I’ve actually had this blog since July of 2013.


So, what has happened in this year-and-some?

I’ve written the first draft of a novel, now on hold as I re-work certain crucial plot elements. My short story struggles—both of the writing and getting published variety—continue, but I daresay I’ve shown a little improvement. I’ve started a new story, and have been revisiting the days of things poorly written for the sake of nostalgia.

I’ve graduated with a Bachelor and am struggling to take my next step in life. I know what I want to do—besides write, of course—but the jump from part-time retail work to a full-time career is more drastic than I imagined. I’ve only had one official interview, and I’m awaiting the next opportunity.

Recently, an old friend has returned from years spent away and I’m overjoyed to have her back. My opinions on people have changed; some friends I’ve grown closer to, while others have drifted away.

I’ve tried—and failed—at a few new things. And succeeded at a few as well. If anyone had asked me two years ago if I could see myself regularly updating a blog, I’d have laughed at them.

The future holds new experiences for me. By this time next month, I’ll be on a plane to Germany. Perhaps one of my short stories will find its way into an anthology. Maybe I’ll reach the NaNoWriMo quota this year. Maybe I’ll reconnect with some old friends.

This year is just the first. Here’s hoping the next is just as great.

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