Fringe Reviews: Dirk Darrow

Fringe has started up in Edmonton, so these next two weeks will be short reviews of the plays I saw while I was there. First up: 2 Ruby Knockers, 1 Jaded Dick: A Dirk Darrow Investigation.

            I saw the first Dirk Darrow play about two years ago. For those unaware, the play is a one-man parody of film noir following one of Darrow’s improve-littered investigations. This year, Darrow was working to solve the case of a massive bank heist, all while trying to figure out what connection the mysterious and beautiful Ruby “Knockers” has to it all.

            In addition to mystery and comedy, there’s a bit of magic as well. Darrow’s got a few clever card tricks and sleight of hand up his sleeve that’s sure to some applause. Some tricks start early, leading to pay offs near the end that will leave you asking “When did he do that?”

            The real treat comes with the comedy, however. While the play is littered with clever jokes and jokes that are so bad you’ll laugh anyway, the real gold is in the improv. Experience will vary between audiences, depending on how stage-shy the unexpected volunteer might be. I was lucky to witness one unintentional smartass and one gentleman who was more than happy to take on the role of the beautiful Ruby. Together, their antics even managed to trip up the actor once, leaving both Darrow and the audience in hysterics.     

            If I had to say anything negative about the play, it’s that I felt like it went by too fast. But maybe that was because I was having so much fun.

            If you’re out Fringing this week, check out Dirk Darrow before he’s back on the case.

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