Another Step in the Journey, But Still No Destination in Sight

You’ll have to forgive my absence last week. I had a very busy time, taking in two major events within two days of each other.

On Wednesday—after four years of essays, editing, communications plans, and writer’s critique—I graduated from Macewan University’s Professional Writing Program with a Bachelor of Applied Communications. I was fortunate being able to learn and grow and work alongside such creative minds. I’ve seen my own writing grow alongside theirs, and made discoveries about myself thanks to their support. Seeing us all gathered in one place, our years of work finally starting to bear fruit, was heartwarming. I hope to stay in contact with my amazing peers for many years to come.

Two days after my graduation was my birthday. I’m now twenty-four, with a Communications Bachelor.

It feels like I’ve crossed a major milestone, but also like I’m still floundering in the same spot I was in last month. Or the month before that. I’m kind of sitting here asking myself, “Okay, now what?”

There was a time when the media would have you believe that by twenty-four you should have a full-time job, your own place, and be seriously dating someone.

I think the media was too idealistic when I was young.

Right now, the only things I can do is continue to look for a job, while I use the free time I currently have to write as much as possible. Even with this big step in my life, I still feel lost in the world.

But maybe twenty-four will be my year. I’m looking to a hopeful future of an exciting new career and newly found independence and life-changing adventures. I can only hope, work, and write for it.

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