And Now, It’s All Up to Me

Good news: Last Friday, I officially finished school.

Bad news: I have no idea where I’m going from here.

I’ve entered that point of sort-of graduated (I won’t have my applied bachelor until Spring) and not having a full-time position. It’s this strange middle ground where I have no school, but I’m only working my part-time job. I’m not sure where I want to start working. I’m not sure how to start looking. I’m not even sure what I want to do.

I question if I’m really ready for “adulthood.” But is anyone?

So, what do I do now?

Well, my big concern is whether or not I can force myself to maintain a good writing schedule. I find I work well with a deadline, or with the knowledge that I need to get a certain amount of work done per day. When someone is breathing down my neck, I find I’m more motivated. With that gone, I need to work out how to really motivate myself.

But for now, I’m taking a bit of a break. In the long run, writing is exhausting. Anyone who thinks otherwise is in for a nasty surprise. Besides, a break is good for you if you’ve been working on a major project.

When I finished my manuscript draft, I left it alone for a month. As days of semi-leisure trickled by, plot bubbles surfaced in my mind, bursting when I realized that something I did made no sense.

A break will help me recharge, and prepare for the re-writes and edits ahead of me.

Hopefully, it will prepare me for finding a full-time job as well, at least until this writer thing I’m doing pays off.

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