I’m A Writer, Officer! I Swear!

If there’s one thing that’s important for a writer, it’s research. And sometimes, that research, taken out of context, might make the writer in question seem like a serial killer.

It’s always fun to talk about demented Google searches with my writer friends. Research ranges between us for different stories. Sometimes I’m looking up what the weather is generally like in Sierra Leone. Or what happens if someone dies in prison and the family won’t claim the body for burial. Or the best way to deteriorate a body to remove all trace evidence, followed by the best place to hide the body so it won’t be found for a long time.

Our Google searches prove we writers can skirt a very interesting line. When I asked what my peers had searched up before, I only got two responses, but they were interesting.

“One time I researched how burning flesh and bone is supposed to smell.”—Cindy

“I had to do a Google search for how well a human body would work as fertilizer. Turns out it’s only effective if ground up, as I originally assumed.

Also, in the same day, I had to research how long someone would last with arrow wounds, knife wounds, a slashed throat. And I think, either shortly before or after, I had to do research on chloroform.

I imagine I’m now on some sort of watch list.” –Aaron (Yeah, you probably are.)

Let’s just say you can tell a lot of about which direction a story may go based on what the writer’s been Googling. Granted, I suppose the people who deserve more scrutiny are the ones who have the answers.

Did you Google something really serial killer-ish for research? If you have, you should totally share. It’ll be hilarious.

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