In Which My Friend Shared a Unique Perspective

Have your friends ever said anything to you that blew your mind? It can be anything from some philosophical reasoning to pointing out something you never noticed before in your favourite movie. Friends can often give interesting insights on subjects you may have never considered.

I met with my friend Ann Marie for lunch and eventually the conversation reached the point where we were talking about the new Hunger Games movie, Catching Fire. This shifted into a discussion about how I had once been told my books might be suited for Young Adults, and how that comment annoyed me.

I confess that I have a bit of a bias when it comes to YA fiction. A lot of this bias has to do with Love Triangles. I find a lot of teen fiction came to adapt the “Two incredibly hot guys love our leading lady and she can’t possibly choose!” subplot after Twilight became such a hit. I’m certain it probably existed before that, but now it seems to be everywhere.

Oh, and the heroine is always attracted to one of these guys because of some mysterious force.

I explained this to Ann Marie, and she had a few opinions of her own that I’d never even thought of.

“I don’t see why they call it a Love Triangle,” she said. “It’s not a Triangle of Love; it’s just an angle.”

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“Well, the Love Triangle usually involves two guys being in love with the same girl. However, the line that should connect them to make the triangle shape has nothing to do with love. I see it in manga all the time. They’ll have a Love Triangle Chart where B & C Are connected to A by the words “Loves” but are connected to each other by the “Rivals.” There’s no love in being rivals. So it’s just a Love Angle.”

She continued. “To me, a Love Triangle should go like this: A should love B, B should love C, and C should love A. That way, there’s love on all three angles.”


My friend isn’t a writer, but she does love to read and I thought she had a really great perspective on what a Love Triangle should involve. By her logic, I’m not a fan of Love Angles, but I certainly might read or watch something involving a Love Triangle.

Provided it doesn’t go on for three or four seasons/ books.

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