Coming to You Live From Phoenix

Yesterday, my mom and I touched down in Phoenix, Arizona. For the next ten days, I’ll be enjoying the kind of weather Edmonton only sees in the summer. And cacti. Lots of cacti.

We were slightly worried aboard the plane when we saw that we’d be travelling with not one, but three babies, one of whom was seated next to us with his mom. One baby near the front of the aircraft started crying before the plane took off. The second was less a baby and more a toddler, so he didn’t cry at all. The baby next to us, however, was probably the best behaved baby I’d ever seen on a flight. His mom made certain he was comfortable for the three hours we were in the air and I didn’t hear a peep from him until we had arrived. Which is awesome, because his ears must’ve been popping as bad as mine, and I’ve seen too many people just ignore their kid when that happens.

We’re staying with my mom’s friend and she’s basically taking us everywhere, which is really nice of her. We’ve all got plans to check out the Grand Canyon on Thursday, which will be great.

Other than that, we’ve got lots of shopping to do. I’ve already started buying for Christmas.

We went to a little frontier town after lunch yesterday and went exploring the shops around there. My mom needed to get some hot sauce for a guy at work, so we popped into this little store that sold such gems as:

–        Ass Reaper

–        Day of the Dead

–        Tears of the Sun

–        Red Rectum

–        Colon Cleanser

–        Iamsofuckingstupid

–        Hot Fucking Sauce

–        Just One Fucking Drop (which came with an eye dropper because they were serious about that heat)

My main struggle now (aside from blowing too much money) is making sure I still get some of my school hours in while on this trip. I promised myself “two hours in the morning, two in the evening.” We will see how that goes.

Admittedly, we had tried to plan this trip around PureSpec back in Edmonton, which happens this weekend, but this period worked best for my mom. Shortly after the trip was planned, my Steampunk Group announced that they were going to host a ball for PureSpec. I was slightly disappointed that I couldn’t make it.

But now all I have to do is look out the window and remind myself that travelling somewhere warm when winter has belly-flopped upon my hometown was worth it.

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