Puzzle Games And Different Release Dates Cause Me Greif

This week, the UK will be seeing the release of Professor Layton and the Azran Legacies, the third game in the prequel trilogy and the last to star Professor Layton himself.

Here in Canada, I will have to wait until some unspecified time in 2014. Needless to say, it’s a little frustrating. I’ve heard a lot of different hearsay as to when in 2014: some say it’s going to be fairly early in the year, around February or March, others say we might be looking at an October-November release. Another estimate is that it won’t be released until after Professor Layton vs Ace Attorney, which is also set to come out in 2014, in order to keep the timeline of the Layton games consistent.

I have yet to play Ace Attorney (it’s on my “To Play Eventually” list), so I can’t say I’m overly excited for the latter.

My sister and I got the first two Layton games as Christmas Gifts several years ago. I got The Diabolical Box and she got The Curious Village. I was unaware that the Layton games had any sort of order, so I technically played the second game first. I enjoyed it quite a bit—more so after I’d played the first game. With those out of the way, I got Unwound Future and it’s been my favourite so far.

Last Spectre, the first game in the prequel trilogy, took an ungodly long time to arrive in North America; so long, in fact, that the UK had already released the movie Professor Layton and the Eternal Diva in English, despite it taking place after Last Spectre.

Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask was next, also marking the jump to 3-D and forcing me to buy myself a 3DS. While it was released in a timelier manner compared to the game before it, I had some issues with it plot-wise.

Expect a review of Miracle Mask on this blog in the future, probably after I replay it.

Despite any flaws the games might have and my tendency to cheat at the puzzles (especially the math ones), I love the games and usually have them beaten within a week of getting them.

This wait is going to be hard. I swear I’ve had about half the game spoiled for me already, but I’m trying to avoid reading too much more on it in the hopes that there was a spoiler I missed or that I might forget what I do know. My sister tried to be supportive when I told her my gaming woes.

“Vivian lives in London,” she said, referring to my friend who is studying abroad. “Why not ask her to get it for you as a Christmas gift?”

“I’m pretty sure I can’t. I don’t think it will work on my 3DS.”

“Why not?”

“Because I know DVDs and console games work differently in the US and UK. If you try to play a UK game on a US console, it won’t work. I’m pretty sure the 3DS is the same.”

The proper term is “Region Locked,” which the 3DS is. Well, she tried. I appreciate that.

Perhaps I’ll replay the rest of the series and hope to see the conclusion early in the New Year.

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