When Stuff Goes Down and Coincidentally Fixes Itself

If you were to accuse any of my high school friends of being terrible planners, you’d receive little in the ways of arguments. We’ve been horrible at planning things for years. Spontaneity worked best for us. Trying to plan ahead resulted in other people forgetting previous engagements or forgetting our plans and making different plans, and a lot of rearranging had to be done. Yet, we were usually lucky enough that things worked out fine in the end.

We’ve gotten better at planning now that we’re older, but not by much.

As mentioned previously on this blog, I had plans to see Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses with some friends and my sister. One of these friends, Ann M, is a girl I’ve known since elementary school. I was pretty thrilled when she agreed to go see the show with me. My sister was on the fence about the whole thing, and I didn’t want to go alone.

Going to stuff like that on your own isn’t fun. I nearly didn’t go to Video Games Live last year because I had no one to go with. My friend insisted that I should go alone because it would be fun anyway since I’d be surrounded by nerdy people. Being surrounded by nerdy people does not automatically mean a situation will be fun. I would still be alone.

I was glad this wouldn’t be the case for Symphony of the Goddesses. People were ready to go with me. I did go to Video Games Live with other friends and had a blast. I didn’t want to have to forget about this show because I didn’t want to go alone.

My sister decided she wanted to go shortly after, and Ann M invited a friend as well. Ann M was set to buy us tickets: the cheapest ones, which would put us up at the third level balcony. While there were some when she checked, when she went to order them, they were sold out, leaving only the more expensive, floor seating.

Really, we should have figured it would have sold out sooner.

This left us with a decision of whether or not to pay the extra forty dollars the different tickets would cost. My sister was hesitant, but my dad offered to pay the difference on hers. Despite the price hike and my need to save, I really wanted to go and decided to just pay up.

So, our plans were back on track.

But why tell you this story? Because I found what happened next to be a hilariously awesome coincidence.

I got a GST check from the government. For the exact amount I owed Ann M for my ticket.

Life has all sorts of nice little surprises, doesn’t it?

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