October’s on the Move

So, the month of October has rolled in. This mean pumpkins, candy, and the beginning of a merciless cold.

And rain where I am. This is too bad, as I was really enjoying the hot weather we were getting in September.

This October is a busy month for me. Yesterday, I began my second semester of Direct Workplace Learning. For those unfamiliar, it’s a bit like a practicum. Last DWL semester, I was able to complete the rough draft of a novel. I also began planning a second novel, while editing and writing short stories and little drabbles along the way. My goal for this semester is to take this book and further edit it in preparation to send it out to publishers.

Meanwhile, I shall also be trying to work on the second book (which is being heavily re-organized). Since there’s a lot of new planning to do with this second book, I may try my hand at a novella length idea I had recently. I’ve also signed myself up as a beta reader for two friends of mine, and I’m excited to see what they’re doing.

This goes until January, but we’re going to focus on October.

October 12th sees the arrival of Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses. No, this isn’t a new game. It’s similar to Video Games Live—which is a live orchestra that plays music from video games, for the unfamiliar—but with a focus solely on Legend of Zelda music. I’ve convinced my friend and my sister to go with me.

And to think, I only found out about it because of an advertisement on the side of my screen while I was browsing. Nice to see those ads have a use after all!

Next comes good old Canadian Thanksgiving. Food and good company is involved. That is all that needs to be said.

October 24th sees the release of The Prowlers Anthology. The remaining members of my university’s Professional Writing Program have put together a collection of essays, short stories, poetry, and other mediums as a final farewell to our sadly cancelled program. I’ve been asked to read my piece—A monologue called “Metalman”—at the release party.

Check it out here: http://theprowlers.ca/

Finally comes Halloween. God, I love Halloween. I love costumes and candy and hanging out with my friends. We’ve made a small tradition of going to the mall and handing out candy to kids. It’s always fun, so I’m looking forward to it. It will be especially great because I have a really fun costume planned, made by a talented seamstress.

October is looking fun and fine. I’ve got thirty days of writing and editing ahead of me, with some room for minor social interactions and pumpkin spice lattes in between.

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