X & Why Do I Try?

Everywhere I turn, there’s excitement for Pokemon X & Y. If it’s not my sister squealing about it in the next room, it’s my friends squealing over Facebook. New Pokemon! Fairy Types! Customizable Avatars! Mega Evolutions!

Pokemon has gotten too complicated for me.

There was a time when I loved Pokemon, back in elementary. It had just come out and exploded into popularity. We watched the show, collected the cards, begged our parents for the toys, and yes, played the games.

I only started playing Pokemon games after I won Pokemon Yellow during a big promotional draw at Toys R Us. The Yellow Prize Pack did not come with a Gameboy, but I was so excited my parents relented and bought me one. My journey to be the best, the very best, like no one ever was, had begun.

I think Pokemon Crystal was the last game I played.

As it stood, while playing Pokemon in elementary was cool, continuing to do so in Jr. High and High School was not. Then you get to University and everyone is still playing Pokemon, so what do I know. But I didn’t get out of it because of my desire to be cool. My reasons for stopping had another name: Victoria.

My youngest sister is five years my junior and she became obsessed with Pokemon in elementary just like I had. She collected cards and played all my old games. She freaked out over every new game as they kept coming out.

And here’s where Nintendo gets clever. Your average video game has three files. Three is a good number of files.

Pokemon has one file. So if two people want to play the game, you need to buy two games. My sister and I both wanted to play the new games, but my parents would only buy one copy and told us we could share.

One does not simply share a Pokemon game.

Needless to say, I lost to the baby of the family. Even today she is very reluctant to allow me to play anything but the older games.

By the time I got a job, I hadn’t played Pokemon in a while. Eventually, I forgot about the games all together. And now, they’ve gotten weird.

Pokemon have Natures now. Like, personalities or something. My sister will spends hours trying to catch a Pokemon with a specific Nature, constantly catching and releasing any Pokemon that don’t meet her standards. Her friend is even worse. Apparently, Natures work with Characteristics to make a Pokemon stronger. So, this girl will spend even more hours catching and releasing Pokemon until Nature and Characteristics match-up the way she wants.

I had considered trying to get back into Pokemon for these new games, but as my sister tried to explain these concepts to me, I think I was better off giving up. I miss the simple days.

Which is sad because I really like the Fairy Pokemon idea.

Well, I still have Professor Layton and the Azran Legacies to look forward to.

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One thought on “X & Why Do I Try?

  1. I read your post earlier this week and I think you should get the game. I had a down time from the series for other reasons but i got back into collecting them. I have not finished most of my collection but from the looks of this new one I think I will most definitely finish it. It seems to have that spark that the first one i played (crystal) had for me. that wonder, that mystic. I’d say get a 3DS get the game and add me to your friend list when you do 😀

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