Dating Ads and How My Computer Makes Assumptions on my Sexuality

One day, as my youngest sister perused the internet, she received a pop-up advertisement. This pop-up contained images of curvaceous blonde women all of whom were ready to satisfy her every desire. They were also available for purchase, as most Russian Brides are.

With a snort of contempt she closed, or attempted to close, the screen. The advertisement asked, “Wait! Are you sure you want to leave?”

Undeterred, she told the ad that, yes, she did want to leave.

The ad then asked, “Are you gay?”

To which my sister screamed, “If I was gay, I would want ten Russian Brides!”

This seems to be a common thing with the computers in my household. The three young women currently living here are all single. Our computers are highly aware of this. However, our computers also seem to be under the impression that we are lesbians.

Apparently, I have a thing for hot Asian girls in sexy lingerie.

I am not naïve enough to believe that my computer really thinks I’m a lesbian, of course. I just happen to see a pattern in the dating ads that appear on my sidebar. A majority of the ads I see have sexy women in their underwear that apparently live nearby and are just waiting to talk to me. I think most advertisers are only working to cater to a male audience and this case. Men like nearly naked women, right?

The other two kinds of ads I see are the generic smiling ads. The more frequently seen of the two just has pictures of maybe six people, all smiling, with a caption that reads, “Find Your Match Today!” These are very boring, and I ignore them. The other type of smiling ad is better known as Christian Mingle, which is the only dating site that seems to show me dudes. It is also one of the last places I would think to look for my match.

At least my computer is trying to help.

But while at work, I recalled a brilliant commercial for a dating site, though I can no longer recall that site’s name. Most commercials for dating sites I’ve seen recently are all the same: there are two straight, Caucasian individuals in their early-to-mid thirties who have found love! Which is great for them and, yes, as a straight person it does hold my interest a bit more. The commercial I remember, was different.

The commercial showed a party at someone’s house. There were lots of people chatting with each other, all of them different genders and ethnicities. The camera would zoom in on these individuals and a narrator told you a bit about them. For example, “This is Chad. He’s really shy, unless you talk to him about cooking!” It would move on to the next man or woman, give me their name, and a little fact about them.

It did not assume my gender, ethnicity, or sexuality. It just said, “We’ve got a lot of cool people on this site. Maybe one of them is right for you.” No fetishizing. No assumptions. Just people being people and treated like individuals.

I thought that was very nice. And much more practical than a Russian Bride.

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